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Adeline MooreAdeline Moore 

URL No Longer Exists You have attempted to reach a URL that no longer exists on salesforce.com.

I am trying to access one of my Customer Community pages and I can not access it from the Header bar. I can access it from SF "Communitites" "All Communitites" I can access "Mannage" and Builder from there. 
Why do I get the above error when trying to access it from the Global header area?

Any help greatly appreciated.
Adeline Moore
Adam TrevitsAdam Trevits
I am seeing this error in my Development instance as well. When I try to access the community link I recieve:

URL No Longer Exists
You have attempted to reach a URL that no longer exists on salesforce.com. 

You may have reached this page after clicking on a direct link into the application. This direct link might be: 
• A bookmark to a particular page, such as a report or view 
• A link to a particular page in the Custom Links section of your Home Tab, or a Custom Link 
• A link to a particular page in your email templates 

If you reached this page through a bookmark, you are probably trying to access something that has moved. Please update your bookmark. 

If you reached this page through any of the other direct links listed above, please notify your administrator to update the link. 

Thank you again for your patience and assistance. And thanks for using salesforce.com!
Carlos SiqueiraCarlos Siqueira
Same with me on my DE while clicking on Accounts. I 1st see the record and then get this message.
This is the URL:


Can anybody help?

Sunil Jith 13Sunil Jith 13
Hi i am getting error,
URL No longer exist please help me with this error
This is my contact Number  +91-7358341175.
Please schedule the call we can discuss about this error.
Sunil Jith 13Sunil Jith 13
Please let me know the answer
Viktor VrabelViktor Vrabel
Use Google Chrome as a browser to login in your Dev org and enable pop-up windows.
Madhu DkMadhu Dk
Hi i am also getting same error, but only in ios app for android it works fine.
mine is a hybrid-remote app.
ios platform version is 5.0.0