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John Pope 10John Pope 10 

Entry level Salesforce Administrator

I have been a Salesforce user as a national account executive for 5 years, and using Trialhead to study for certification. My goal is to get an entry level position with a nonprofit in the Washington, DC area. I have an MBA and served on non-profit board of directors. Is it realistic to seek a paying position with certification and no admin experience?

Any advice?
Bryan JamesBryan James
I don't see why this wouldnt be a realistic goal for multiple reasons. 1 you have experiance on the platform for many years now. 2 you have spent some time earning badges on Trailhead. I know so many people who don't have 19 badges no matter how often I tell them to get out there and learn. Its so important to stay up to date on the salesforce platform as it is constiantly changing, and what better way to prove that you have done some homework than by showing off them badges? 3 the number of skilled salesforce admins and developers applying for positions that require knowledge of the platform is no where near the numbre of jobs that are available for them. I have talked to many recruiters who will tell you that there just arent enough bodies to fill the list of employers looking. 4 what can it hurt to send in a resume and interview? The worst thing they can possibly do is say no.
John Pope 10John Pope 10
Thaniks for the advice Bryan.