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Gaurav AgnihotriGaurav Agnihotri 

Content entered in an HTML template fails to appear in Text Body of Message Content

I have created an HTML (Using Letterhead) template. I am using the merge fields in this template. While using this template, I also input some text related to the case I am handling. However, when I navigate to the particular case and find that email in the Activity History,  In the "Text Body" of the Message Content I just find merged fields. All the text that I had input is not there. Is this a standard salesforce.com feature or do I need to enable some feature. 
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Gaurav Agnihotri,

You can see that content when you
"Click here to view HTML version" in the email.

There is an idea on the Idea Exchange to change this so that the HTML version shows on the message detail.
Please refer below link.


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