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Dimple riarDimple riar 

How to retrieve canvas parameters in salesforce to salesfroce integration using canvas

I am new to integration and trying a salesforce to salesforce integration using canvas. I am facing a problem while retrieving canvas parameters in visual force page. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Following is the code added on visual force page to retrieve parameter:
var sr = JSON.parse('<%=signedRequestJson%>');
Sfdc.canvas.byId('username').innerHTML = sr.context.environment.parameters.contactId ; });
Please help.
Jasveer SinghJasveer Singh
Hi Dimple riar

Find visualforce remoting and @remoteAction annotation in google this concept solved your problem
remoting is use for send canvas or javascript data into controller and @remoteAction annotation is use for get data from controller to canvas etc.

Thanks & Regards
Jasveer Singh
Dimple riarDimple riar
@Jasveer Singh
 Can you please help with any example or share any useful link for the same?