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Subodh ShuklaSubodh Shukla 

How to send salesforce data to sharepoint

Hi all,

I want to send/upload  salesforce data and files to sharepoint.
how can i Achieve these please let me know, i already use file connect but  i am not able to upload salesforce data or file to sharepoint. 
Sitarama MurthySitarama Murthy

you can not upload files from salesforce to sharepoint using file connect. you can just view files in SFDC.
to upload files from SFDC to sharepoint u can find 3rd part Apps which will help in uploading..

Subodh ShuklaSubodh Shukla
Hi ram,
thanks for reply ,
 if you have know how to accomplish this task please let me know.
Sai Kumar 449Sai Kumar 449
Hi Subodh Shukla,

Even i have a same Module like Storing the salesforce data to Sharepoint .. i tried this app from App Exchange it name is "Trove"  in that u can upload the Files to Sharepoint and that can Added in to Sharepoint ..... in that App they gave the User Guide how to use it so u can check there