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Erika Macaione 13Erika Macaione 13 

We are seeing timeout issues in our production environment that are related to a trigger that creates sharing rules, but we do not see this error in our sandbox. Has anyone run into a similar issue before? If so, how did you resolve it?

We have an object that joins accounts and contacts together called "Groups." The group object is related to both an account and contact record. When this record is created it then creates a sharing rule so that the contact (also a portal user) can see the account in our community.

We originally had our account OWD set as "read only" however we recently changed our OWD to "private" and are further relying on the sharing rules. Ever since this update we have gotten multiple complaints of time out issues from our users as they are unable to create these join "group" records anymore (they keep timing out).

We cannot replicate the issue in our full sandbox.

Has anyone run into this before?

Thank you!