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Share File with Partner Community User using ContentDocumentLink

I am trying to share a chatter document(Has AllUsers Visibility) via apex with a partner commuity user using the ContentDocumentLink object but, I am continuously thrown an error. I need to allow the community user to upload revisions of documents they did not create. Any ideas on how to do this? Code and error below:

Record I attempt to insert:
insert new ContentDocumentLink(
    ContentDocumentId = '069XXXXXXXXX',
    LinkedEntityId  = [Portal User Id],
    ShareType = 'C'

Error Received: INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_ON_CROSS_REFERENCE_ENTITY, You do not have the level of access necessary to perform the operation you requested. Please contact the owner of the record or your administrator if access is necessary.: [LinkedEntityId]
i have the same problem here, loking for solutions...
Nikitha Edunuri 4Nikitha Edunuri 4
I have the same issue, did any of you figure it out?