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Anita 8Anita 8 

why on button share in forceChatter:fullfeed is not working on lightning component

Hello all guy, 
<div aura:id="feedContainer" class="feed-container">
                    <forceChatter:fullFeed type="News  " subjectId="Opportunity"/>

I am trying to use like this code , but it is not working for button share post . 
How to fix it to work ?? 
Thanks for your advice ! 
Jerome Mengullo 7Jerome Mengullo 7
I know this is an old issue but it still exists and I found out a solution.

Add theses lines in the CSS file of the component where you called the forceChatter:fullFeed:
.THIS div.PHONE.uiContainerManager.forceChatterFullFeed {
    display: none;

.THIS div.DESKTOP.uiContainerManager.forceChatterFullFeed {
    display: none;

The reason:
If you inspect the page of the component, apparently, there is a div that overlays the entire screen that doesn't let any action to be done.

User-added image

In the solution, we removed this from the view as I thought it shouldn't be in there.
I found no complications for this.