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Alexander Placidi 86Alexander Placidi 86 

Platform cache error: System.UnexpectedException


Currently I have some trouble with the platform cache. I noticed, that the get operation fails after a time-based flow interview has resumed and creates a record. The trigger due to the insert operation leads to the error. 

This is the stack trace:

Class.cache.PlatformCacheDelegateWrapper.getOrgPartitionDelegate: line 19, column 1 Class.cache.OrgPartition.<init>: line 20, column 1 Class.cache.Org.getPartition: line 20, column 1 Class.CacheManager.get: line 27, column 1 Class.TriggerSelector.getTrigger: line 54, column 1 Class.TriggerManager.manage: line 33, column 1 Trigger.CaseTr: line 11, column 1 18:02:28.650 (705134620)|FATAL_ERROR|System.UnexpectedException: Salesforce System Error: 1855979781-250306 (-904646074) (-904646074)

Does anyone has experience with the platform cache and this error?

Best regards
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Alexander Placidi,

Since it has Salesforce error, i suggest you contact Salesforce support team.

Please see below link.

you can raise a case with support using link below.

Hope this helps you!

If this helps you please mark it as solved so that it will make for others as a proper solution.

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Gorazd Berghaus OldGorazd Berghaus Old

I have currently same problem. Did you solve the problem at the end? What is the solution?

Best regards,
Gorazd Berghaus OldGorazd Berghaus Old

I found the problem. It was caused because I used future methods for api callouts and there was a Cache class for session cache and org cache. And session cache cannot be initialized in future calls (I was not giving to much attetion to it). Then I moved it away from future methods to scheduled actions but this worked only few months (I guess until Salesforce patched bugs).

Hope this helps somebody.