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Lightning using ui:richtextedit in the context of ltng:outApp / SFDC Classic.

Hello all.

This is in the context of SFDC Classic / Service Cloud Console.. using a VFPage.. and utilizing a component with syntax  such as..

$Lightning.use("c:appname", function() {$Lightning.createComponent( compname... blah blah blah

After really looking at this thing... 1 main question and that triggered a broader question.

1. How do I set focus on within this RTE after the component finishes rendering.. I just can't seem to get its element as its markup is much more complex then any other ui:xxx component. ie. new iframe / html tag / body.. etc.  Surely someone must have had to do this?

2. What exactly is this component. It appears that, as .. it has been for a while.... SFDC is using CKEditor behind the scenes. I've been getting complaints from users in which is seems like decades of the inability to do simple things such as change the font size. I would have expected, by now, in this new lightning world, some additional features on this RTE. I'm not seeing it.  For being 2016 the base functionality seems really really weak unless I'm missing some ability to pass settings to CKEditor to show additional toolbar options. Anyone know of a way to do that or are people just bypassing ui:inputRichText and rolling their own solution? I'm trying to stick with native ui components as much as possible but this one just doesn't seem to fit my users needs at all.