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Ankit Singh 6Ankit Singh 6 

To make a call directly from the phone fields of a contact, lead, activity or account.

We already have a windows service running on a server which communicates with our telephony system. Now we want to send an API call to that service when a phone number is clicked. Is there a way to implement this. 
To be very precise I am looking to provide a clickable icon next to phone number field of Leads and Contacts, in Salesforce. After clicking on this I want to fire an API call to initiate the calling. 

Chris WoodwardChris Woodward
Hi, Ankit!

I think a click-to-call feature is what you are looking for. I recommend that you check Tenfold, a 3rd party CTI that integrates Salesforce with phone systems.

Tenfold's click-to-call feature converts all phone numbers in Salesforce or in any part of your browser into a clickable hyperlink. It eliminates the often mistake of misdialing phone numbers. Other features of Tenfold include automatic call logging, screen pop (caller ID), and a call analytics dashboard.

You can learn more about Tenfold here: