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Tapasvini MakvanaTapasvini Makvana 

How to upload a file more than 10mb

Hi all,

Can anyone help me to find a way to upload a file which larger in size>10mb im visualforce page.

Thanks in advance..
Lucian Mihai CiobanuLucian Mihai Ciobanu
Here is a small hack you can use to upload up to 2Gb. But it will be saved in chatter files, not as an attachment or document.
It is not very premissive to customizations, but I used this some time ago and it worked.
Tapasvini MakvanaTapasvini Makvana
Thank you for reply Lucian. I have gone through this link but m not getting how can I save it. Can u pls help me out.
Ashish Sharma (Spidy)Ashish Sharma (Spidy)
You can use one of my article that has been choosen among top 20 Salesforce articles in 2016:

Please mark it as answer if it suffice your query.