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Niki Glick 1Niki Glick 1 

Process Builder - Update Opportunity Stage when Task contains specific text

Very inexperienced developer here - I appreciate your patience and help.

I'm attempting to use process builder to update the stage on an opportunity when a task subject contains "has been signed by all parties". 

In process builder I have the task object starting the process when a record is created or updated.  The criteria for the action group is "When conditions are met".  The condition is Field [Task].Subject contains string "has been signed by all parties" - conditions = any (OR).  The immediate action is Record: [Task].Account ID.Opportunities update Field: Stage Picklist Value = Closed Won

When I test the workflow by adding a task with "has been signed by all parties" in the subject on the opportunity and save the record, the stage is not updated.  Any help is appreciated.
Nayana KNayana K
It is working fine for me.

I created an account with some opportunities => added a task with "has been signed by all parties" in the subject on this account => all opps updated with 'Closed Won' stage.

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Abdul RazzaqAbdul Razzaq
have you ACTIVATED?