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Sahasra NSahasra N 

Need help for the following questions

Please help me finding correct answers for the below questions. Explanation for the answers would be more helpful.

1) A developer creates an Apex helper class to handle complex trigger logic. How can the helper class warn users when the trigger exceeds DML governor limits?
 A) By using ApexMessage.Message() to display an error message after the number of DML statements is exceeded.
 B) By using Messaging.SendEmail() to conthtinue the transaction and send an alert to the user after the number DML statements is exceeded.
 C) By using PageReference.setRedirect() to redirect the user to a custom Visualforce page before the number DML statements is exceeded.
 D) By using Limits.getDMLRows() and then displaying an error message before the number of DML statements exceeded.
2) Where can debug log filter settings be set Choose 2 answers?
 A) The Filters link by the monitored user's name within the web UI.
 B) The Show more link on the debug log's record.
 C) On the monitored user's name.
 D) The Log Filters tab on a class or trigger detail page.
3) When can a developer use a custom Visualforce page in a Force.com application? Choose 2 answers
 A) To create components for dashboards and layouts.
 B) To deploy components between two organizations.
 C) To generate a PDF document with application data.
 D) To modify the page layout settings for a custom object.
4) What is an important consideration when developing in a multi-tenant environment?
 A) Polyglot persistence provides support for a global, multilingual user base in multiple orgs on multiple instances.
 B) Governor limits prevent tenants from impacting performance in multiple orgs on the same instance.
 C) Unique domain names take tile place of namespaces for code developed for multiple orgs on multiple instances.
Org-wide data security determines whether other tenants can see data in multiple orgs on the same instance

Hi @Sahasra
1)A--------> we could use ApexMessage.Message() method in the controller and set the desired error message in order to display this error messages to the users on the VF Page we could use <apex:pageMessages /> tag in VF page code
2) A and B----------->  Go to quick find box in your org, type debug logs,hopefully you would be seeing almost everything that you are looking for
4) B
I have answered based on my working experience,

Sahasra NSahasra N
Thank you @CKR.
Hi @Sahasra......referring to your 3rd question,C and D are the correct answers.because as far as iknow options A and B are not appilicable
Hope this helps!
I'm not sure #1 is A.  I don't think you can give a "clean" error after the DML has been exceeded.  I think the answer is D.
Sahasra NSahasra N
Thanks Jeff
1) D The question just said it is for "Apex helper class" and did not mention VF page, so "Limits.getDMLRows() " should be correct.
2) AD
3) AC In Salesforce, Dashboard can take VF Page as a component
4) B
Sahasra NSahasra N
Thanks Yuchen