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Anita 8Anita 8 

how to add custom Tab for mobile phone on lightning design system ??

In computer I opened lightning design system it has custom Tab I have been created it , but when I opened it on moble it doens't show custom tab that I created .
So how to make it for mobile . 

Please , help me .

Thanks you kindly.
Vivek DVivek D
1. Make the page mobile compatible by checking the Available for Salesforce mobile apps and Lightning Pages
2. Create a custom Tab which you already have
3. Go to Salesforce1 Navigation add the tab

Note :- Make sure showHeader attibute is false in VF page
Anita 8Anita 8
Hi Vivek, 
Thanks for your reply . 
But I want to creat new Custom Tab Like this picture below : User-added image

I need to add "ADD" Tab and "CONFIGURE" Tab as image  to opportunity for add Product to OpportornityLineItem. 
Please, advise .

Thanks you kindly.
Vivek DVivek D
Are you talking about lighting design system or Lightning Experiance ?
In Lighting Experiance if you want to have such kind of tab then
checkout this trail on trailhead
https://developer.salesforce.com/trailhead/lightning_app_builder/lightning_app_builder_recordpage (https://developer.salesforce.com/trailhead/lightning_app_builder/lightning_app_builder_recordpage" target="_blank)
Anita 8Anita 8
Hi Vivek, 
I kind understanding about this , but I wanna add "ADD" Tab and "CONFIGURE" Tab for Salesforce 1 Mobile . 
When I added on Desktop is work fine . And I don't know how to add Custom Tab on Salesforce 1 Mobile  . 
Do you have any solution ??