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Unable to find related contact owner name in order to send a email alert


I have one standard object(CONTACT) and Custom object(EVENT) .Event custom object has a lookup relationship to the contact object through a lookup field "Contact Name".

One of the field of Event custom object is "Event Type"(picklistfield).

My Requirement is: If one of the particular even type is selected(for ex: "Birthday" Event type) The email should be sent to the contact's owner saying to organize some lunch meeting

Issue Facing: When i am trying to create an email alert,i am unable to find the "contact's owner name" in the recipient's list.

Can anyone help me out??what is the reason behind it?

Thanks in Advance for ur help!!
Swaraj Behera 7Swaraj Behera 7
Hi prasana,
Create a formula field in the event which will reference to the contact.And use that field to send mail
Either create a Apex trigger or Email field to populate owners email from contact.
Another workaround is to use Visual workflow to send out an email to contact owner