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Michael FinkMichael Fink 

given a campaignID and contactID how can you check if a contact is a campaign member for the given campaign in apex

say I have 

Contact c= findContact();
ID campID= getCampID();

how can I...

find if c is a campaign member of the campaign related to campID

if it is not a member make it a member?

Thanks for any help I've just started learning salesforce and have been getting pretty frustrated with SOQL 
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Ankit Gupta@ DeveloperAnkit Gupta@ Developer
Hi Michael,

Try below code as reference:

list<CampaignMember> lstCampaignMember=[select id from CampaignMember where ContactId='contactid' and CampaignId ='CampaignId'];
    CampaignMember newCM = new CampaignMember(
CampaignId = campaignId,
ContactId = c.Id,
status = 'Sent' );

insert newCM;