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restoring data or getting back data when no manual backup is available


 A field in a standard object is modified for many records, I was wonderring if there is any way to get them back.

field tracking history is not ticked for this object
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Vasani ParthVasani Parth
The native options available for backup in salesofrce are,
  • Recycle Bin – Salesforces stores user-deleted data into the recycle bin for 15 days. After 15 days, data in the recycle bin is permanently deleted.
  • Manual Export/Restore – Administrators and power users can initiate a manual or scheduled export of all of their CRM data to CSV files that can be saved to a local machine. Data from these exports can be imported back into Salesforce through tools such as the Salesforce Data Loader.
  • Restore Request from Salesforce – Salesforce offers a paid service to recover data from their own backups within 90 days.
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