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Hardik Chavda 28Hardik Chavda 28 

Related to REST API in Salesforce


I Want answer of Some Questions Related To Rest API.

1: How to create partner of salesforce using rest api
2: How to generate lead using rest api
3: How to get particular lead performance
4: how to upload bulk user performance using rest api
5: how to create user particular organisation using rest api
6: how to add multiple organisation using rest api
7: how to filler performance month wise,weekly,yearly using rest api
8: How to generate campaign using rest api

Hardik chavda
Are you referring to the standard REST API or are you talking about using a custom Apex REST API.

I would suggest that you review then integration Trailhead [1] first.

[1] https://developer.salesforce.com/trailhead/module/apex_integration_services