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Unmanaged Package Upload Keeps Failing Because Of Test Class

Hi Guys,

I am trying to upload an components to an unmanaged package but it keeps failing. The reason is I have a couple of triggers that are running in the Production Org that seem to be causing this to fail.

I have added both the trigger and the test class to the unmanaged package but I keep getting a test class error message. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
ForceMantis (Amit Jain)ForceMantis (Amit Jain)
Are you trying to to upload a package from Production org? If that is the case this is not a right way, ideally you should be creating a unmanaged/managed package from Developer Edition(DE Org). What kind of error are you getting in upload? If this is related to code coverage you need to write test methods that give atleast 75% coverage for Apex Class/Triggers that are part of package. If errors are related to test failure then those test methods must pass. 
Hi Armit,

Yes I am trying to upload it from a Production Org. Is there anyway of uploading the unmanaged package from the Production Org?
ForceMantis (Amit Jain)ForceMantis (Amit Jain)
Technically you can upload a unmanaged package from Production org. For Managed packaeg you are requied to do it from a Developer Edition(DE) org. What is exact error that you are getting while uploading?
Vasani ParthVasani Parth
Please check you added all depeneded component. Please check you should add all test classes