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Kathleen LehnigkKathleen Lehnigk 

Coloured, flexible labels on cases in Service Cloud?

Hi everyone,

We have recently started using Service Cloud (Lightning) for one of our divisions. 

For another division we are currently investigating on whether it's worth moving them from Desk.com to Service Cloud as well. Unfortunately Desk.com has a nice feature with coloured labels, where in a list view you'll already see flagged up, what this case is about.

Has anyone been able to implement something similar in Service Cloud?

Formula fields won't work, as there are already lots of labels used and users are allowed to add more (similar to the Topics in Salesforce).

Just want to get an idea, of whether this is possible at all.

Thank you
Best wishes

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Luis InoaLuis Inoa

My company has the exact same situation right now.

Did you ended finding a solution?
Kathleen LehnigkKathleen Lehnigk
Hi Luis,

Not really. We are using this app (https://appexchange.salesforce.com/appxListingDetail?listingId=a0N3A00000ErBAkUAN) in order to at least be able to report on number of cases with a tag, which you can't do with a topic (which we're using as well when added to a post).

We still haven't switched our Desk.com users though. 
Gemma DavidGemma David
Did you have a fix on this issue? I have the same problem in my company.

Please someone help me.

Adelchi PelizzoAdelchi Pelizzo

Here is a free app solution I published on appexchange, let me know if it does for you: