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Lauren LoughreyLauren Loughrey 

ISSUE: Automatically Changing Record Types

Our Org has a problem where the Account Record Type will switch from a Customer (or another type) to Prospect. This is causing users who can only see an Account in the Customer stage to not have access to their Accounts.

This has been happening about once a month since December. 500-1000 Accounts have been impacted by this change. There are no flows or automation rules that are impacting this. Field History Tracking is set up, but doesn't offer much detail except which Record Types changed.

I have logged a case with Salesforce and they were unable to find the cause and pointed to a Developer solution. If anyone has any insight please share!
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Please follow this steps to find the root cause. 
  • Check Any workflows or process builder that updated the records types 
  • If not found in the first step, download all the metadata into eclipse and search for records types to see its manipulated in any code or metadata 
Mark Tyler CrawfordMark Tyler Crawford
Were you ever able to resolve this issue? I am having the same issue, it appears that the records are being changed by the dedicated integration user. Is it possible that an integration would cause record types to change?
Harshith PVHarshith PV
@Mark, hiw did you solve this issue