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saran sivasaran siva 

query the files object in salesforce from external system

I need to get the file whcih is attached in upload files(not attchments) types as file. I need to get the body, name and content type of the file in exteral system. How to query the files from saelsforce.

This is what I used for querying the attachments-it working perfctely. 
select Id,Name,ParentId,Body,ContentType,Parent.Id from attachment WHERE parentId != Null.

I want same for query the files. I have researched and found the "contendocumentLink" for this. but how to get the body and name in that. Please assist
Harsh Singh 7Harsh Singh 7
There are two approach to solve it either u go with flow or else go with content document
1 For the flow using lightning components to upload your file.
2 For content document for name use the title and for body use HTML.
for more reference use the content document guide provide by salesforce