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Ramakrishna Reddy GouniRamakrishna Reddy Gouni 

salesforce integration with sage intacct

i need to integrate salesforce with sage intacct.  anyone please suggest me api endpoint url. 
any sample code and possibilities 
Dan HardyDan Hardy

Did you ever figure this out?  i.e. integrating with Sage Intacct?  I'm trying to do the same.  Thanks.

dheeraj g 10dheeraj g 10
Hi Dan,

I need to same requirement for integrating Sage intacct with Salesforce . Please let me if you have found any API's to integrate ? Thanks in Advance.
Dan HardyDan Hardy
Hi Dheeraj, We haven't done this yet because we're still setting up Intacct. I've heard that Workato is used frequently. It also looks like CData has a solution but in that case need to have SQL server running. I'm going to try Skyvia because I like it and it's very affordable. Let's stay in touch if either of us figure it out. Dan
Rob Mathieson 3Rob Mathieson 3
Hi, did you get Intacct to connect via skyvia?
Dan HardyDan Hardy
We're currently working with Valence.app who have created an connection with Intacct. They are more affordable than Workato and also Salesforce native. Another option you can try is the Intacct Advanced CRM integration tool, but for us it didn't work because it doesn't support custom objects. The Advanced CRM Integration
Rob Mathieson 3Rob Mathieson 3