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Jason Kuzmak 12Jason Kuzmak 12 

How do I retrieve Long Text fields from Big Object records?

There are 3 things that suggest to me I shouldn't store long text fields in a big object, but I'm hoping to be wrong:
1. Data is retrieved from Big Object records with SOQL queries.
2. Only the fields specified in the Big Object's index can be queried.
3. Long Text fields cannot be indexed. 

My use case is that I have a ton of sales emails I'd like to start archiving, since they take up a lot of data space. It does let me add long text fields to my big object (for example, the email body), just not as part of the index.

So these big object records are being successfully built and populated via apex as far as I know, but if I can't query them, how do I view the long text fields in my custom Big Object?