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Laura Babb 4Laura Babb 4 

refreshed my sandbox to the wrong copy

I inadvertantly refreshed my partial copy sandbox to a developer type sandbox. What is the impact of this and how do I reverse it? We are currently testing a couple things in the sandbox and so I will have to wait to refresh it again. Can I wait until my next refresh cycle to do it or is this something that will need to be fixed immediately?
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Laura,

Sorry for this issue you are facing.

Salesforce support actually can revert this change for up to 72 hours after the refresh/deletion. I have run into this exact issue in the past, and SF support was able to revert the sandbox back. You just need to make sure you contact them within 72 hours. 

I would suggest you open a ticket with Salesforce Support ASAP.

You may reach them at the below address.
See the below screenshot of an email between SF admin and SF customer Success Rep for your reference.
User-added imageHope this helps.

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Laura Babb 4Laura Babb 4
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