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Enrique PantafilandoEnrique Pantafilando 

Checking existing email accounts

I'm trying to find a way to trigger an automatic action (changing stage) with process builder when a new Opportunity (customer) is created and this Opportunity contains an existing email address in my Salesforce. This way I can control when a customer is visiting again our website asking for a quotation (when a customer asks for a quotation on the website, the info is sent from our CMS to Salesforce to create a new Opportunity with a customer email address associated to it). How can I do this process or workflow rule? I don't know how to tell the system to check for an existing email address. Is there a standard place in my Salesforce where this info is stored and you can check it with a workflow rule? Thank you for in advance for your help!
if the email is linked to an account and contact then yes it can be retrieved and used by comparing in workflow rule....else apex trigger needs to be used if it needs to be retrieved/checked for using additional conditioning...
Enrique PantafilandoEnrique Pantafilando
Hi Sumeet, thanks for your reply. Ok, but then I need to know how to do that workflow rule. For example:
1) A new Opportunity is created, this opportunity has an email address that exists in the opprtunity itself and as an account too.
2) I must compare that email address with the other existing opportunities (or accounts) email addresses to check if it already exists. - (This is the step I don't know how to do in the process builder)
3) If the email address exists then the inmediate action would be changing the Oppotunity stage to a chosen one.
Any help with this? Thank you!
Enrique PantafilandoEnrique Pantafilando
Please, if possible, can someone explain me using the process builder how to check if the the email address already exists? I don't know where must I search, or the criteria I must use... I've tried many ways but I can't find a solution for my problem. Please, a little help? :(  Thank you.