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alfred smithalfred smith 

Urgent! Can every on help me!? I want to figure out what's different between permission set and profile!?

Hi everybody
I am a web developer, I am really skilled on Wordpress, Joomla, HTML, CSS and so on, but I am a freshman in Salesforce. I started the sales dev curse, in these days I really need your help. actually, I want to figure out wat is different between permission set and profile?
In Sales dev book I faced with the load of information about profile, wich we build for each character and role or something like that...
On the Other hand, we make some changes in permission set, for example, in the book it's mentioned that we should create a profile for a recruiter, but in the permissions set it's mentioned that we should set permission for a hiring manager or etc. 
In permission set, you actually focus on details of your profile permission, but at least I didn't see any match between one profile with one user permission set.
Finally, PLZ tell me where are the matches between profile and permission set?
is there something wrong and am I confused something with something else?
PLZ tell me, ASAP, cause I am really in need of finishing my book immediately. 
My best respects
Rafael Suarez 13Rafael Suarez 13
Roles and Profiles are different. Roles give access to records. Profiles give access to Tabs, Apps, Objects, Classes/Pages and system permissions etc..., just like Permission Sets do.

You can create custom profiles to apply the Minimum level of the fore mentioned access allowances to multiple users assigned to them.
You can apply permission sets to individual users. Permission sets include the same stuff basically that the advanced Profile editor contains. They have more detailed permissions than the standard profile editor.

Now, you use a permission set to INCREASE (exceptional) allowances to certain users.

Hope that helps

Shaila KadamShaila Kadam
Hi Alfred,

One profile can be assigned to multiple users hence all users have same permission on objects, fields, page layouts, recordtypes etc.
But if you want to give additional access to some users then instead of modifying profile you can create permission sets and assign it to users.
Persmission sets are created to give additional access which is resticted in profile.
Example:- There are two users user A and User B with "Custom - Sales User" profile. This custom profile do not give access to view "Expected Revenue" field from opportunity. Now if you want only User A to have access to this field but User B should not have access. Then Create persmission set , add "Expected Revenue" field from Opportunity in persmission set and assign that persmission set to user A.


alfred smithalfred smith
Hi Guys
​thanks everyone for doing your best, your help was so valuable.
Wish you all success during your work