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Lawrence MishkinLawrence Mishkin 

personalization and navigation

I am working on my personalization challenge and did the personalization correctly and the open activities appears as instructed as the first tab under the accout details page but I am getting an error message for the challenge say the the open activities tab does not appear to be first.  Is there anything I am missing or is this a glitch?
Hi  Lawrence Mishkin,

Click on your Org Name (on the Top Right Hand Side)-> My Settings -> Customize my Pages -> Select the Account Page (Click Customize Page) -> Now You can Re-Order. Place the Open Activities as the First on the List -> Save.
Hope it helps 

Please Try to refresh your browser. or else log out and log in again.Still, if the problem persists reach " trailhead@salesforce.com"

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Lawrence MishkinLawrence Mishkin
Hi Kumar, Thank you for your response. That is what I did and the list is re-ordering as expected. The issue is with the challenge. It does not recognized that this challenge has been accomplished and kicks out an error message saying that the list is not changed. So it won’t allow credit for passing the challenge.
Hi Lawrence Mishkin,

 please I would request  you log out of all the accounts and log in again and also clear your browser cookies and history.
Another solution would try it in a different browser.
If any of the above solutions does not resolve your problem, then please reach "trailhead@salesforce.com".

Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.please mark it as best Answer if it solved the issue.