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load balancing in round robin assignment of cases for logged in users


Could someone please provide any suggestions to acheive the load balancing of cases being assigned to set of users in round robin manner. I have installed the Round robin record assignment (unmanaged) app exchange application. I have modified the code to work for logged in users only and now I need to perform load balancing among the logged in users.

Any thoughts would be helpful...!!!
Have you looked at Omni channel implementation?
Hi Prakash,

Thank you for the response. But currently we are not using the service console and I think it doesn't perform the round robin routing of records among queue users. 

Any thoughts to get it via coding 
Using Console will increase productivity of the case owners. The load balancing can be defined in the Omni Channel, however, making it in round robin fashion is something I am not sure about. But when you are concerned about the Logged in Users, and their loads, Round robin is not relevant right?