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Invoking a Global Action FROM a VF page.

In place of the standard "New Opportunity" screen we have a VF Page. When a user is presented with this VF page there is an Account lookup field. I have reciently disabled the Quick Create feature on this picklist. However, I would like to have the same functionality that Quick Create provides. In other words if the user cannot find the Account in the selection list, the should be able to close the selection list and click on a button or link which would allow them to create a new Account. So, I haev two questions: 1) what is the best way to accomplish this considering I'm confined to using a VF page. 2) Assuming that a "Global Action" is a good solution, what visualforce code do I need to render the Global Action on the page?
Amit Singh 1Amit Singh 1
Refer below links,

Let us know if this helps :)

Thanks Amit but that is not what I want. Those links explain how to launch a visualforce page from an Action. I want the reverse; how to launch an Action from a VF page. Regards, Mike