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Issue while deleting classes from Production

I am trying to delete classes from Production and facing an odd issue. The workbench post deployment shows success however the class is still there in Production. I tried multiple attempts but no success.I am passing my zip file along with a test class name in the deployment settings page in workbench. Has anyone faced this issue ? If yes, please assist.

NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
HI Sumeet,

May I suggest you please check with below blog from the community which might help you to accelerate with above requirement.


Hope this helps.

thanks for sharing ...however thats what I have already done during my deletion process..the issue is that despite of being a success as per the migration deploy screen..deletion doesn't happen..
Identified the issue: If we deploy multiple files for SF metadata one after other, then it appears that except the first deployment, the next sets of file with same name results in success which draws probably to the conclusion that there are file caching possibilities at the SF server end.