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Wave Analytics: Edited XMD / Custom Dimension Colors

Hi All,

I am working with dahsboards in Wave Analytics and am running into some issues with editing the XMD file to reflect a custom color on the chart.
Ive input the below json into the XMD file and it validates and shows the change to the label, and name, but the color is not changing.

Is there some other setting or piece of the metadata that needs to be changed in order to show a custom color?
The documentation isnt very specific for what i think would be a rather popular use case.
		"field": "Custom_Field__c",
		"members": [
				"member": "High", 
				"label": "1H",
				"color": "#ff0000"
				"member": "Medium", 
				"label": "2M",
				"color": "#0000ff"
				"member": "Low", 
				"label": "2L",
				"color": "#ff3ff"

Thanks in advance!