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Trailhead: Lightning Experience Rollout Specialist Superbadge Step #6 : Key Sales Data

Didn't find a Lightning page named Key Sales Data. This page must include:
1. List of new Accounts this week
2. Recent items showing an "Opportunity", "Lead" and "Contact"
3. Log A Call and New Opportunity actions. Don't use the CreateOppty custom Lightning component for this challenge.

So I have a Lightning Page (App Page) called "Key Sales Data" with Developer API Name "Key_Sales_Data" so I'm not sure why this page wouldn't be found. But let's assume the error isn't that the page isn't found, it's that the items aren't right in it.
1. Added a Filter List. Object = Account, Filter = New This Week
2. Added Recent Items, Label = blank, Objects = Contact, Opportunity, Lead, Number of records to display 10
3. For this I did 2 Visualflows one for New Oppty and one for Log a Call, and added 2 Flow Components. One with the Flow named "New Opportunity" and one with the Flow named "Log A Call"

And then activated as org default, and added the Page to the App "Sales".

Clearly, people are passing this step, so any "trick" (i.e. ensure the Label is Key_Sales_Data or call it "Key Sales Data Page" or some such)? Also is Visual Flow how you added Log A Call and New Opportunity?

Thanks for the help!
Carl Brundage (Dev)Carl Brundage (Dev)
Using flows is going above and beyond.  There's an easier way to add this to an App Home page.  Check out this unit - https://trailhead.salesforce.com/en/modules/lightning_app_builder/units/lightning_app_builder_apphome
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@Carl that was my first thought as I had done that trial in the past. But in App Builder on either Home Page or App Page I do not see any Global Actions available to add to the page. I've created new Global Actions - no dice.

From the trail:

In the properties pane, click Page, click Select, and then add these actions to the page.
Log a Call
New Account
New Opportunity
You can add only global actions to a Lightning page.

But I don't see any actions anywhere to add or otherwise....sigh...
Carl Brundage (Dev)Carl Brundage (Dev)
With just the page selected (not a component on the page), check the right hand side for Actions to select (not for a component on the left)
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Holy bat dung Robin - it HAS TO BE A 2 COLUMN PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carl Brundage (Dev)Carl Brundage (Dev)
Mine passed as a single column page
Trailhead Training OrgTrailhead Training Org
Okay so Single or Double, but at least not the default multi section I started with b/c why do I care 1, 2, many section, I'll just take the default and work from there (for the exercise! I care deeply the template for real-world).
Shivam GShivam G

i am getting below error while completing "Lightning Experience Rollout Specialist Superbadge Step #8"

User-added image

i have alredy enabled knowledge artical settings..

User-added image

Please help...
Thank you
Umang ModiUmang Modi
Thank you guys I was able to resolve the issue. One thing I noticed though is for Key Sales Data Page, one wither need to select One Column or two Column template. Defalut one does not work.