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Cody Bustamante 9Cody Bustamante 9 

Trailhead is broken and its driving me NUTS!!!!!!! Someone please help!!!

Trailhead > Admin > Intermediate > Data Security > Control Access to Fields

Trailhead keeps saying "Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The 'Account' profile did not have the appropriate object and field-level security for the Account object."

Here are the requirements:
User-added image

I have the correct access granted but Trailhead says I don't. Please see the image. What else could I possibly do?!?!?!!​

User-added image 
Rahul KumarRahul Kumar (Salesforce Developers) 

Then I would suggest you log out of all the accounts and log in again and also clear your browser cookies and history. OR Another solution would try it in a different browser.

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Rahul Kumar
Cody Bustamante 9Cody Bustamante 9
Sorry, this did not help. I am really frustrated and am not sure what I am doing wrong with this task. Any other advice?