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Leah Jones 21Leah Jones 21 

Help with return URL in a formula field

I have a kind of URL hack in a formula field that Im using to present a button on a page.  In this forumula, i'm calling a flow that will simply update a status, then return the user to the original record and update the field so that it no longer shows the button.  This is built out in the sandbox and was working perfectly up until last week and I have not made any changes to the fields so i have no idea whats happening.  As it is now, when the user clicks the button, the flow will complete successfully but i'm not being redirected back to the original record.  I just remain on the 'Your flow finished' page.  Below is the formula field, and it appears there are issues with the return URL portion of it.  Any assistance would be apprecaited.

Here's the formula (this is firing on a custom object 'Request')

F (ISPICKVAL ( Status__c , "Draft"), 
HYPERLINK("/flow/SubmitButtonUpdate?RequestID="&Id&"&retURL=%2F"&Id,IMAGE("/resource/SubmitImage", "Submit to GSE Team"),"_self"), null)

Hi Leah,

Create a visual force page and embed the flow into and set the finish location in that. Please, follow the link for more details.

Hope it helps
Leah Jones 21Leah Jones 21
This formula was working fine until the sandbox updates went out recently (cant recall the exact date) so i'm just trying to troubleshoot why its no longer working.  

The field will also live on 8 different page layouts and i dont want to surface another page for them to make a single click.  
Pls share info on the last portion of the flow where the redirection logic is called with details.That might help to troubleshoot.