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Arnaud CrucifixArnaud Crucifix 

Standard Design Tokens for Communities: Issue with Action Color map to colorBackgroundHighlight


I'm working with the branding editor to customise a communities. And one behavior bother mee with the map of the colors. 

As explained here https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.lightning.meta/lightning/tokens_standard_communities.htm

The Action Color map to colorBackgroundHighlight ($color-background-highlight).

For all the other token I don't have any issue, because it tottaly fit the logical need of this color (button background, tab link color etc), but this $color-background-highlight is seem to be use (according to the github search) to define the background of table inline field (.slds-is-edited) or filter (.slds-is-new), which can occured in a unlisible field (see screenshot).

Example of Action color use in dashboard home. 
Action color example on homepage

Issue with Action color use for field in table
Inline field in table action-color issue

Do you think this behavior is normal ? What is your advice to avoid this ? 


James LoghryJames Loghry

Not sure what your exact issue with the tokens is, but you could try definining a custom token that uses the standard token as a word around.  For instance, in your defaultTokens bundle, you'd define a token like:

<aura:token name="customBackgroundHighlight" value="{!colorBackgroundHighlight}" />

And then use token(customBackgroundHighlight); in your css.

This helps me get around situations where a background property is needed, but for whatever reason I can't use the background property / token in my css.