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Validation Rules in Salesforce

Hi Guyz,

I just want to create one simple vvalidation rule for a picklist value,

I am inserting a Library Name , once i fill the name, then there is Location with different picklist value.
For Eg: If user enter a name as "Mumbai Library"(Name Would be anything everytime), then location i would be selecting as "Mumbai", records get saved. but while editing the same record,it should not make me change to other location rather than Mumbai...
how it can be done...

I have wriiten below formula, but its not working as per my requirement

AND( ISPICKVAL( Location__c , "Mumbai"), NOT(ISBLANK( Name )) )

please help me to sort out

Pranav Shah

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You can try the below, If you would like to trigger this only for mumbai locations (So if a user enters any other location other than mumbai then it throws the error).

TEXT(Location__c ) <> "Mumbai"

else if you would like to make it based on location value then 

TEXT(Location__c ) <> PRIORVALUE(Location__c )

Hope this helps ...!!!

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