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Cody Bustamante 9Cody Bustamante 9 

Mass Relate Leads to Accounts? Maybe a formula?

I was going to try to run a report on accounts with sales strategy = fortune500
Then run a report on all leads with email contains: @"fortune500 domain"
Then use the data loader to update the lead related account id to match the fortune500 account id; however, it appears there is not an option in reporting for related account id.

Then I started thinking, this would be really time-consuming anyways, maybe I could use a formula or process builder.

I need help creating the formula or if you have a better idea let me know but I would need the logic to be like this:

IF leads email contains (account domain) THEN update lead related account 

Can anyone think of a way to do this?
Cody Bustamante 9Cody Bustamante 9
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Cody Bustamante 9Cody Bustamante 9
Maybe a visual flow? 

I don't know, Im still kind of a newb around here. Any help is appreciated
Cody Bustamante 9Cody Bustamante 9
Anyone have any ideas? Or are we thinking this might not be do-able?