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Ashish KhairkarAshish Khairkar 

Automated Case Management Using PredictionIO

We have come up with an interesting case management solution using the templates and algorithms of Prediction IO

Step 1: Using email-to-case feature a customer will mail his/her issue to a routing email-address and a Case will get created with Email Subject as Case Subject and Email body as Case Description
Step 2: As soon as case is created, Prediction IO will predict the most relevant article from the set of Article Management for the case. After the article is predicted, it will get attached to the Created Case and the status of Case will move to ‘On Hold’. We have trained a model in PredictionIO using the 'text classification' template and as a input to that template we are sending the Case Subject of Closed cases and Article Title associated with those closed cases based on whcih for any new case the most relevant article is predicted.
Step 3: After the article is attached to case, an email will be sent to the Case Creator based on predefined SFDC template with the solution article attached as pdf file with the mail. User will be asked whether the solution case article is relevant for your problem or not. And if yes, the case can be closed.

Step 4: If the customer replies that the article seems to be relevant and case can be closed, then the case will get automatically closed.

The best part of this is that it is completely automated, customer just have to mail theproblem