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Marvin Castro 8Marvin Castro 8 

Showing a custom object/related list data across standard objects


I am fairly new to salesfroce and here's my scenario - I created a custom object to add to the Opportunity related list called Transactions - users enter the transaction data manually as part of a Proof of Concept.  The requirement is to carry over the related list with the associated data to the Contact object.  I can add the Transactions custom object as a related list in the Contact object with the associated fields; however, the data does not carry over.  Can you please assist in identifyig what I'm missing?


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Shun KosakaShun Kosaka
Does the custom object have lookup/master-detail fields to Opportunity and Contact?
Object relationship is needed to show the child objects(Transactions) in the related list of parent object(Opportunity and Contact).

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