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Loriann ErwinLoriann Erwin 

Navigating and Personalizing Salesforce challenge will not let me move forward.

 Keeps showing Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:  The "Open Activities" related list does not appear to the first one on the Account record details page. It does and I have gone as far as removing all other lists. What do I do?
Selcuk AliSelcuk Ali
I am receiving the same error message. 
Judy FreedJudy Freed
Me, too. But the "Open Activities" list is at the top.
xavier choudhuryxavier choudhury
Lex MakutaLex Makuta
Try using the Trailhead Playground instead of your own dev org. I had the same error and was able to move on once I used the Trailhead Playground feature. 
Judy FreedJudy Freed
Thanks, Lex. That could be it. I'll give it a try.
Swaraj ShimpiSwaraj Shimpi

Click on your Org Name (on the Top Right Hand Side)-> My Settings -> Customize my Pages -> Select the Account Page (Click Customize Page) -> Now You can Re-Order. Place the Open Activities as the First on the List -> Save. 

Hope it helps !!!

Lex MakutaLex Makuta
I am pretty sure this has to do more with the connection with the org rather than anyone doing it wrong. On that little arrow right above the question make sure your org is selected as the one to check. Even if you are logged into your org, it may still be checking the Trailhead Playground. I know that was the issue in my case so I just did the change in the Trailhead Playground org and I was able to proceed. 
Christina TattersallChristina Tattersall
My error message.

I've got no idea what my next step is. Please help me figure out how to complete the hands on challenge in the Navigating and Personalizing Salesforce challenge. I've signed up for Developer Edition (DE) and can't figure out what to do next. Thanks in advance! 
vivek vuppala 5vivek vuppala 5
Same problem. Verified "Open Activities" is at the top of the page.
Salesforce AnswersSalesforce Answers
This video shows how to complete the challenge. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUUmGd6jSfY