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Sneha V 11Sneha V 11 

How to pre-populate a field value when a picklist value is selected before saving the record . For Example ,Picklist with Payment Plans of 3 weeks, 6 weeks once selected should pre populate another custom field  "Pay amount  " as  " INR xxx"  

When Payment plan is selected from drop down , payment initial should prepopulate the amount to be collected.
if the Payment Amount is static, Try creating the Pay Amount as a formula field with CASE function 

CASE( Payment_Week_Plan__c , '3 Weeks' , INR 100, '6 Weeks', INR 150, '9 Weeks', INR 200, 0)
Sneha V 11Sneha V 11
Hi Rov thanks for your response. I have tried this  but the problem is the payment week plans cannot be defined as it is supposed to pick the number up from a formula field which is sitting in product object. 
Sneha V 11Sneha V 11
Also it is not pre populating before saving . User should be able to see the numbers.