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Pradeep SinghPradeep Singh 

Governor Limits in case of updating data using Data Loader..!!!!

Hi Amazing Trailblazers.

Just wanted to know how the processing is done at the backend for the below scenario:-

I have a update trigger for Object A , in which I am using a SOQL to fetch a record of record B which gets executed for every trigger execution.

I am updating 500 records of Obj A using anonyous block or Apex and Data Loader Bulk API with batch size 2000.

What I found is when the records are updated using Apex/Anonymous Block, the Governor Limits i.e Number Of SOQL increases incrementally. So, here in my case it shows 1 for first 200 records processed in trigger,2 for other 200 and then 3 for remaining 100.

But When I update the same records using Data Loader, it shows 1 for every 3 batches.So it shows 1,1 and 1. Its like Governor Limits are calculated separately OR reset for every execution..!!

Does anyone know about how the records and how Governor Limits are processed  when the records are updated via Data Loader..???