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smitha pais 8smitha pais 8 

Received exception event aura:systemError from server

User cannot upload consent file with large size.
The org file size limit is 6000 000 bytes(6MB).
When user try to upload file with size 3 - 5.7 MB (in allowed limit), the error is displayed  --> Received exception event aura:systemError from server
IF file within 2MB is uploaded, there is no error. This seems to be happening since Spring 19 release.
Any ideas why?
Topher SympsonTopher Sympson
We literally just ran into the same exact issue and searched everywhere for why.. Sorry I cannot help, but we're trying to figure out also so following this post.
Sanjay Bhati 95Sanjay Bhati 95
Hi Smitha pais 8,

Please upload your file in document object and you can attach with your record by assigning parent id of document. Because document size is 6mb.

Sanjay Bhati
Verhoeff DylanVerhoeff Dylan
I faced the same error. I solved it changing the chunk size from 6Mb to 2Mb.
priyanka nimkarpriyanka nimkar
Hi Verhoeff,
Could you please tell me where can I change the chunk size?

priyanka nimkarpriyanka nimkar
@smitha ,

Did you get the solution for this?

Jessie ChaiJessie Chai
Has anyone solved this problem? Could you share the solution?