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Please help me!

Hii developers,
Please guide me how to do this.
I want to calcualate Total leave for employee.
On Employee__c object i have custom fields Join_date__c, Total_Allocated_Leaves__c,Taken_Leaves__c, 

In general total Leaves are 18 Leaves per year
so that for one month it is 1.5 Leave

But if employee has join_date__c=11-june-2020.
then calculates it (1.5*20)/30=1
here 20 is the number of days he worked in june month and 30 is the total days in june month.
so the overall Leaves for the employee is[18-(1.5-1)]=17 Leaves.

after the one year it will updates the Total_Allocated_Leaves__c with 21+Remain_Leaves__c.

Please help me how to do this!
Thank you.

Anita Sodhi

ANUTEJANUTEJ (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Anita,

Have you implemented the use case and are you facing any issue?