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Alexander HadjiiordanovAlexander Hadjiiordanov 

access with different users

I have lightning page i which i load visualforce component in iframe. It is working for me but i have administrator accout. When i try with Standard Platform User account i get access error. How can i give access to visualforce to Standard Platform Users?
Pradeep SinghPradeep Singh
Hi Alexander,

Yes access can be given to Standard Platform Users. Just follow the below steps.
1. Go to Setup > Develop > Visualforce Pages.
User-added image

2. Click on security link and from here you can give access to any profile available.
Alexander HadjiiordanovAlexander Hadjiiordanov
Hmm maybe i'm doing it wrong but my question was about VF component, not page. Do you think i should delete the component and create a page?