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Displaying the fields in the report

Hi Experts,

My problem is before the search was working on the only one field called 'Work Type' Now i need to add these fields as well but again in the UI i need only 'Work Type' field when ever i enter the values of these fields which i mentioned it need display the reocrd'General Work Type,Reinstatement Work Type,Rail Work Type,Gas Work Type,Water Work Type,Electric Work Type,Telecoms Work Type,Plant Work Type,Procurement Work Type,Training Work Type'

could anyone help me please  here'00O20000002CdmH' is report id:


<apex:page id="page" doctype="html-5.0">
  <script >
      function Redirect() {
          var workType = document.getElementById('page:workTypeSearch:workType').value;
          window.top.location = "/00O20000002CdmH?pv0=" + workType;
      window.onload = setFocus
      function setFocus() {
    <div style="height: 0px; clear: both;"></div>
    <apex:form id="workTypeSearch"  style="display: block;">
      <apex:outputText >Work Type: </apex:outputText><br/>
      <apex:inputText id="workType" style="width:160px"/><br/>
      <input value="Submit Query" type="submit" onclick="Redirect();"></input>    
I'm struggling to find the question in here - you mention a lot of fields that don't appear in the page snippet, so I'm assuming those are the fields that you are displaying in the report. The code that you have posted allows the user to type in a Work Type value and use that as the filter on a report.  Are you trying to extend this to capture additional fields, or something different?
HI bob,
ya report has to display even if i enter values of those fields in the worktype search box. search has to be done with only one field called Work Type.
Could you help me please.