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I want to improve Salesforce1 Mobile performance

I am having problems with the performance on Salesforce1 Mobile specifically the loading times of visualforce pages, I have tested those visualforce pages independently using the developer console and works well, I also tested those pages in Salesforce1 with compatible Android and Apple devices with Wi-Fi connections greater than 10 Mbps.

At this moment I have made some measurement using the Google Chrome DevTools Timeline using the SF1 browser access with one.app, and I found than the loading time of Salesforce1 Mobiles is affected for some JavaScript that are hosted in force.com but I doesn't found significantly high loading or execution time related with the content in my visualforce pages.

There are other specific tools to monitoring the performance in Salesforce1? I want to know if I can improve in some way the performance of SF1 and what other actions can I execute to get my goal.

There are some general practices that you can follow. Some of them are listed below.
  • use cache param on the apex:page and expires something like <apex:page cache="true" expires="600"/>
  • Use all your js/css files in minified formats
  • avoid using <apex:form> in your Visualforce page
  • Move your script statements to end of the page and use lightweight libraries
  • Using CSS Sprites will reduce the http connections,
  • Avoid using gif images and conditionally load the resources.
Use tools like Timeline on Chrome Dev tools, http://www.webpagetest.org/ or https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

Hope these help in identifying and optimizing the pages for mobile
Hector GomezHector Gomez
Thanks for the response, but I Tried almost all those practices, I am currently using Lightning Design System then I don't touch the CSS, I was expecting if there are a tool that can I use directly with the APK of Salesforce1. But I think that in this moment a improvement in performance depends mostly in the next updates of the Salesforce1 Mobile App or maybe work in a native app using the SDK.