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Getting problme wiht mult select picklist values in the report

Hi Experts,

Im facing one problem with report, actually my problem is that,i have visualforce page when i enter the values of any worktype which i mentioned in the belwo screenshot, it wil open the report    all working fine.
User-added image

Now problem is that , when i login into using other profile, if i enter the values of other work type values for example 'General work type' its showing problem with filter criteria, like this could you anyone help me please.
User-added image
James LoghryJames Loghry
Take a close look at the error.  It should tell you whats wrong and give you an idea of how to fix it.  Otherwise, It's possible that the values your users are entering via Visualforce aren't actually defined values within the picklist.  I would try editing the picklist and entering those values, *or* doing some data cleanup and cleaning the bad values entered via your Visualforce application, then trying to run the reports again.
HI James,

Thanks for the reply, see the problem i know where exctly coming, when ever im trying to enter the picklist values other than the work type, it displaying report well but while exporting date its thrwong error that, getting filter criteria because other fields dont have this field value.EG:
General work type value is 'A' while searhc with A it dispalying the error but while exporting its throwing error other work types dont have value A